J.A. Watts, Inc was established in 1999 by Julie Watts, President. Mark Schoonveld joined as Vice President in 2000. Together Julie & Mark bring over 30 years of combined experience in program, project, and construction management. Julie Watts focuses her energies and expertise on master planning strategies and program representation. Mark Schoonveld is an expert on the technical and implementation aspects of any project. The end result is that together they recognize the best practices and standards of the industry and employ them on every project. Julie and Mark are experienced and talented with an attitude of achieving client goals expeditiously; they instill this mission not only to the client but to each and every individual on the JWI Staff.

Julie Watts
President Julie has extensive experience as Principal of J.A. Watts, Inc. This experience provides her with the ability to manage multiple projects involving complex scopes of work along with meeting demanding deadlines while overseeing the day to day operations of the busy J.A. Watts, Inc. firm. Julie is knowledgeable and capable to perform services such as Program Director, Project Manager and Construction Manager in the understanding she has of all facets of a project from inception through completion.
Mark Schoonveld
Executive Vice President Mark is an experienced program and construction manager and has participated and/or managed a myriad of projects, totaling over billion during the course of his 19-year career. His experience is varied and has included projects in aviation, transportation, education & technology. Mark is a hands-on leader, providing clear direction for project work and extensive technical expertise while building and maintaining strong working partnerships with clients and industry leaders.