Construction Management Services Upon Request

J.A. Watts, Inc. (JWI) is performing as a Prime Consultant with Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., Parsons Brinckeroff, Inc, SRF Consulting Group, Inc., and Interra, Inc. serving as sub-consultants. These services include but are not limited to performing onsite management for the two tasks currently assigned to the project. This contract may evolve to include additional tasks per the request of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA). JWI will provide project and construction management and oversight of design and construction contracts from startup to closeout. Provide daily management, documentation and preventative maintenance procedures and reviews, warranty tracking and field inspection.

The first task assigned is Contract RR-08-9043, the Digital Video Migration and Traffic Operations Control (TOC) Upgrades, and is a system wide project. Under this contract the old monitoring system will be removed and replaced with a new digital video encoders with a Digital Video Workstation with viewing software in each Tollway mainline plaza supervisor’s office for distributed video monitoring; a Digital Video Display Wall Controller in the Traffic Operations Center (TOC) that will accept digital and analog video and display that video on the proposed video wall display cubes; Video Wall Display Cubes and framing/millwork in the TOC; room audio system in the TOC.; lighting system in the TOC; labeling for the associated equipment and cabling under this project; training to administrators, maintenance technicians, and operators on all aspects of system operation and maintenance; furnish uninterruptable power supply (UPS) network modules, software, cabling, and miscellaneous hardware to allow the UPS’s to be remotely monitored by the Tollway; remove associated old analog video equipment at mainline plazas, ramp plazas, the TOC, and CA building sublevel; provide system maintenance and support for a period of one (1) year following acceptance.

The second task is Contract RR-12-9131 is Fuel System Rehabilitation Project Phase Two. The work performed will be the demolition and removal of existing fuel stations, waste oil systems and underground fuel lines. New fuel stations will be erected including the installation of new a canopy, above ground storage tanks, waste oil systems, reinstallation of the Maximus systems and installation of a new Veeder Root System, along with charging stations for electric vehicles and new communication antennas. The seven locations on the Tollway will be undergoing fuel rehabilitation are Maintenance Yards M-6, Marengo-Hampshire; M-7, Rockford; M-11, DeKalb; M-12, Dixon; Route 47 Salt Dome, Elburn; Route 251 Salt Dome, Rochelle and Central Automotive Parks, Downers Grove.

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