Design Management

J.A. Watts, Inc. (JWI) has experience consulting clients to develop and manage projects from concept to closeout. A critical piece to the project delivery process that ultimately has the greatest effect on the project budget is the design phase. In the initial programming phase, the client has determined the project deliverables. The design phase then takes those deliverables and creates a plan to construct and execute the requirements.

As the design manager, JWI adds value to the overall project by ensuring two important outcomes that are critical to all phases of the project: the clients schedule is being met and the design is meeting the initial budget.  In order to reduce the risk of exceeding the project budget, JWI can be a great benefit by managing the design process. Our vast experience managing construction projects have given our team the knowledge to know current construction costs of materials and labor along with availability of specialty items. We take this knowledge into a design management role when reviewing early milestone design packages so we can comment and correct these design wants vs. needs and assist with the forethought for construction logistics.

We currently offer:

  • Cost Modeling
  • Phasing Development
  • Project Scheduling
  • Value Engineering