Delta Air Lines Sky Club Fluff & Buff

Delta Air Lines provides a luxurious and consistent experience for its premium Sky Club members throughout their entire travel experience. The airline achieved this through its Sky Club Fluff and Buff Project.


JWI served as the project manager for the Delta Sky Club Fluff and Buff, which encompassed 23 Sky Clubs in 19 cities and included the installation of new Sky Club Information Displays (SCIDs), Delta branded signage, and other high-end finishes throughout each club.

As the project manager, JWI was responsible for collaborating on scope development with Delta’s Corporate Real Estate, marketing, and IT groups. Our roles also included contractor procurement and construction management. As with all our projects, we emphasized effective coordination and communication with Delta’s various stakeholders, including the airports and the contractors performing work at each location.

JWI worked with Delta to achieve their goals of a consistent, luxury Sky Club experience throughout their entire system, all within a very limited schedule for completion.


  • Owner: Delta Air Lines
  • Client:  Delta Air Lines
  • Role: Project Management
  • Value: $117,000

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