ISTHA Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR)

The ANPR system supplies front and rear images of license plates that allow ISTHA to collect tolls and identify vehicles engaged in violations. This system is critical for ISTHA’s revenue recovery.



JWI provided engineering technician services and project and construction management support for the replacement of all Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system cameras across the Illinois Tollway system.

Our team’s technicians were responsible for physically calibrating and configuring all hardware, as well as aiming and testing each device in the field for operational effectiveness. The project replaced over 900 Violation Equipment System (VES) cameras, camera housings, and hardware needed to mount the camera housings to existing Tollway lane infrastructure. It also included the installation of plate-recognition software.

JWI was responsible for master scheduling, meetings, general coordination, CADD design work, site surveys and layouts, testing, and on-site inspection. We also contributed to the calibration and testing of new equipment, as well as on-site troubleshooting, and the performance of both scheduled, preventative, and emergency maintenance for approximately one year after installation.


  • Owner: Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Contract #I-13-0313
  • Client: Adesta, A G4S Company
  • Roles:  Engineering Services, Construction Management, Project Management
  • Value:  $24 million

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