ISTHA I-88 Reagan Memorial Tollway East – West Connector Roadway Reconstruction

The Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) underwent reconstruction, with new tollway system elements that included new surveillance equipment, new ramp lighting, and layouts for the I-294 and I-88 fiber network.


JWI provided construction management services for the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) East-West Connector Roadway Reconstruction project. We were brought to the design cycle as 60% plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) drawings were delivered to the Tollway. Our team designed the Illinois Tollway System (ITS) elements across the 1.3-mile ramp connector. Scope items included CCTVs and Ramp Queue detector systems. Other ITS design elements included the layout of temporary fiber optic cable (FOC) ducts that connect the I-294 Backbone to the I-88 Backbone fiber network.

The FOC design connected I-294 to Plaza 51 and included new LED lighting across the entire ramp as this section of the system was previously unlit. The lighting design included a new Lighting Controller, tying in existing York Road ramp with new LED lighting as well as configuring a new ComEd service drop. JWI delivered 60%, 95% and 100% biddable PS&E.


  • Owner: Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Contract #RR-13-4117
  • Client:  Bowman Constulting
  • Role: Construction Management

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