Midway International Airport Southwest Airlines Podium Replacement

Southwest Airlines replaced all their customer service and operations podiums at Midway International Airport (MDW) in March 2019.


JWI was the general contractor for the project, overseeing the electrical and carpentry services for updating the podium millwork and upgrading IT infrastructure.

MDW’s daily operations, weather conditions, holidays, weekends and other heavy travel periods altered the construction schedule. However, JWI worked directly with MDW operations to ensure construction would not be a disruption, and the original milestone was completed on deadline at the end of 2018.

Our final completion date was pushed to March 2019 due to the relocation of one podium, which required SWA and CDA coordination. Despite constantly changing schedule, JWI successfully replaced all podiums through our flexibility, efficiency, and communicative approach.


  • Owner: Southwest Airlines
  • Client:  Southwest Airlines
  • Role: General Contractor

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