O'Hare International Airport Transit System Expansion and Modernization

The Airport Transit System (ATS) Expansion and Modernization Project at O’Hare International Airport will improve the airport’s ground transportation and air quality. This is part of the Chicago Department of Aviation’s initiative to consolidate all rental car companies into one Joint Use Facility that will also offer new public garage parking for airport passengers.


The planned improvements for the ATS include the construction of a 2,000-ft track extension superstructure to reach the new Joint Use Facility and the design and replacement of the current system, including replacement of the existing trackwork and testing of all new track. JWI is providing quality management, safety coordination, electrical testing, and CADD services for the project.

The ATS maintenance and storage facility will also be expanded, and the existing 15-car ATS fleet will be replaced with 12 sets of triplet vehicles, totaling 36 new cars. These new cars will feature automated vehicle control, traction power, and communications improvements.


  • Owner:  Chicago Department of Aviation
  • Service:  Quality Management, Safety Coordination, CADD Services
  • Completion Date: 2020

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