ISTHA Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Under contract THA-13-0313, JWI is providing construction management services to replace all of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system cameras along the Illinois Tollway.


This project provides for an ANPR system that supplies front and rear images of license plates associated with image-based tolls and toll violations for the purpose of pursuing the revenue recovery of tolls. The license plate image is required to satisfy the statutory case management requirements for identifying missed toll vehicles. As a subconsultant, JWI is responsible for the replacement of all ANPR system cameras on the tollway, which included all lane cameras, camera housings, and all hardware needed to mount camera housings to existing tollway lane infrastructure, in addition to all software and hardware needed to drive camera execution and run plate recognition software.


  • Owner:  Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
  • Client:  G4S Adesta
  • Service:  Construction Management
  • Value:  $19,000,000

Team Members on this Project

Adam Voss

Assistant Project Manager

David Murphy

Assistant Project Manager

James Schroeder

Project Engineer