Piloting airline and airport infrastructure revitalization and modernization

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Driving roadway enhancements and safety for busy highway systems

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Mobilizing technology to make transportation systems intelligent 

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Self-performing construction of everything from routine build-outs to complex new developments

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The JWI Mission

JWI’s mission is to deliver exceptional professional services efficiently, effectively, beyond expectation, while treating clients and employees like family.

The JWI Vision

JWI’s vision is to offer our clients innovative thinking in an ever-evolving industry by empowering our employees to take ownership and drive excellence.


J.A. Watts, Inc., commonly known as JWI, was founded on the belief that a design and construction professional services firm could employ down-to-earth, experienced professionals who go above and beyond for clients. This belief is built into who we are and what JWI continues to be.

Today JWI provides cost-effective access to any assignment, anywhere in the world. We are a growing, woman-owned business with over 70 employees working across the United States from Chicago to Dallas, and from Atlanta to San Francisco. We remain known for treating clients and employees like family, developing long-term relationships, and providing an energetic, diverse and inclusive workplace.

About Us