Dedicated to the Growth and Development of the Women at JWI


“She flies with her own wings”

Just as it was a journey for our President, Julie Watts, to establish and grow JWI to what it is today, it has also been a journey for us to find our voice as a disadvantaged business. As a woman-owned firm, we understand the challenges women face in the construction industry. To create a space for our women to help empower and interact with each other, we started our own women’s organization called WINGS in 2019. The motto for WINGS sums up our purpose and is Alis Volat Propriis, which is Latin for “She flies with her own wings.” WINGS offers the women of JWI an opportunity to support one another, be mentors, and provide educational opportunities for each other. We give back to our communities and we also highlight ways to maintain health and wellness, which is so important today.

WINGS Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to embolden and strengthen one another, continuing to invest in the future. We are creating a legacy through our leadership, mentorship, and compassion for others in order to be WINGS for future generations of women.  We forge new paths in honor of those before us and pave the way for those that follow to discover their own direction.  

With conviction and cause, we take our seat at the bigger table that the ones before us started building. Because when a woman rises, we all rise. Woman-owned… woman-worked… woman-strong.  

The WINGS organization includes three committees, which allows us to focus our efforts and best support the diverse ways the group creates meaningful impact.

Professional Development Committee

This committee is focused on the enrichment and development of JWI’s women. Some of the ways the committee accomplishes this are:

  1. Providing a forum for the women of WINGS to connect and grow, be it through internal roundtable conversations, panel discussions, community events, guest speakers, etc.
  2. Plans and posts educational opportunities that are relevant to our themes and the other committees’ efforts.
  3. Helps link our chapters digitally so that we can grow together, despite geographic location.
New Year Vision Boards, January 2023

Giving Back Committee

This committee leads us in how to give back to other women in our community who need a little help finding their own wings:

  1. Incorporate and champion efforts to support non-profit organizations and causes in WINGs and throughout JWI.
  2. Identify other ideas and opportunities for how we can give back to our communities as a group and/or company.
Nourishing Hope Volunteer Event, April 2023

Wellness Committee

This committee helps us establish the foundation for success by taking care of ourselves first in order to attain a more sustainable impact for our individual and collective long-term growth. This committee is focused on:

  1. Emotional Health
  2. Financial Awareness & Stability
  3. Physical Wellness
United Plane Pull, October 2022