Chicago O’Hare International Airport Terminal 5 Baggage Handling Systems Optimization


JWI served as Owner’s Representative and Construction Manager for the new in-line baggage screening area at O’Hare International Airport’s (ORD) Terminal 5. The project consisted of four in-line EDS machines, an ETD screening area, and a new baggage handling conveyor system (BHS) with a controls update.

Bags are delivered to the new in-line system from the existing re-check ticket counter conveyors and exit the new in-line via the current sortation system. Part of the new system was installed while the existing system was still in operation, requiring intricate phasing but having no impact on ORD’s baggage screening operations.

JWI’s scope of work included the demolition of the Lower Level Screening area, modifications to multiple locations of the existing BHS at T5, as well as conveyor modifications such as the installation of crossover conveyors between re-check ticket counters, removal of the lower level checked baggage inspection system (CBIS), and associated restricted baggage reconciliation area (CBRA) and upgrades to the upper-level CBRA.

Additional enhancements were made to T5’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems to support the new design and demolition of the existing systems. The project also involved the installation of new computer hardware and software systems, lighting plans, and ceilings. The JWI project team worked to identify areas that could be modified to provide as much maintenance access as possible.

Our responsibilities included general oversight of the complete design, budget management, planning and bidding documentation, reviews and recommendations, field inspection, contract administration, change order management, schedule management, TSA testing observations and submittals, regular progress monitoring and reports, creation of a Site Specific Test Plan and Integrated Site Acceptance Testing, cost control and contractor auditing and payment processing, quality management, and document control.


OwnerChicago Department of Aviation (CDA)

ClientChicago Airlines Terminal Consortium (CATCo)

Completion Date2020


Location(s)Chicago, Illinois

Project Value$28M

Services Performed

  • Construction Management
  • Owner's Representation