Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Training and Control Center Operations (TACCO) Development


CTA’s TACCO Development program is a design-build development comprised of multiple procurements that will relocate CTA’s current, outdated operations center and replace it with a new state-of-the-art 24-7 Control Center which oversees the operation of and communication with buses, trains, and power on the rail system. The 150,000-square-foot unified campus-style building will also serve as CTA’s primary training center for a wide range of operating, maintenance, and customer-facing personnel and house over 250 CTA employees. Upgrades to security, technology, and infrastructure will support more reliable, efficient, safe, and secure operations. Design efforts are anticipated to begin in mid-2023, and construction/commissioning will follow through April 2026. As part of the Construction Management team, JWI personnel will be providing safety management and other field engineering/inspection services.


OwnerChicago Transit Authority (CTA)


Completion DateOngoing


Location(s)Chicago, Illinois

Services Performed

  • Construction Management
  • Inspection & Assessments
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance