O’Hare Fuel System Improvement Program (FSIP)


The Fuel System Improvement Program (FSIP) is a comprehensive series of projects comprising upgrades in the existing fuel system at Chicago O’Hare International Airport by current EPA standards and new technology. JWI provides program management services for all projects identified in the Fuel System Master Plan, of which JWI was also the Program Manager.

Projects within the FSIP involve four main components, from tank farms and transition lines to tank re-filling facilities and hydrant fueling systems. The purpose of the FSIP is to administer and oversee all design, construction, and project activities related to the Fuel Master Plan projects that we helped develop. These projects involve fuel systems impacted by major projects under the $8.5 billion Chicago O’Hare Modernization Program – the construction of a new runway and two satellite concourses requiring new, dedicated hydrant fueling systems.

JWI’s roles and responsibilities include program-wide planning, scheduling, project packaging, consultant selection, design development, bidding, contract and budget management, design and construction management, and oversight during construction and closeout phases.


The following projects fall under FSIP:

  • Terminal Vault Modifications
  • Terminal 5 Fuel System Extension
  • New Transmission Mains
  • Reclaim Tank Replacement
  • South Transmission Mains
  • Truck Rack Facility
  • TAP Satellite 1 and 2
  • Tank Farm Improvements
  • Vault Modifications
  • Leak Detection Upgrades
  • EFSO and Related Upgrades
  • Super Satellite Decommissioning


OwnerORD Fuel Company

ClientORD Fuel Company

Completion DateOngoing


Location(s)Chicago, Illinois

Project Value$326M

Services Performed

  • Program Management
    • Airline & Airport Program Scheduling
    • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Construction Management
    • Contractor Procurement
  • Project Controls
    • Budget/Forecasting
    • Contract Management
  • Planning & Design Services
    • Design Management

Each JWI Team member brings a wealth of knowledge to the table to seamlessly and effectively get jobs completed. I look forward to the next project I get to work on with JWI.

Scott Paulson, Former Chairperson, ORD Fuel Company LLC