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Illinois American Water Multiple Sewer Rerouting and Separation Projects


In support of an EPA requirement to separate existing combined sanitary and storm sewers in the City of Alton, JWI performed construction inspection services for three projects: Shields Branch Sewer Rerouting Project, Tumer Tract Sewer Separation Project, and Piasa Valley Sewer Separation Project.

Our team oversaw the potholing of water lines through hydro vac excavation at different residential locations and physically identifying/categorizing all uncovered, existing water lines. We prioritized identifying lead water lines, as they required replacement within 30 days of exposure. The final work involved backfilling the holes to ensure no exposed excavated sites are disclosed. JWI also oversaw the installation of the new Shields Branch sewer main and all lateral connections to it by Illinois American Water standards.

Some of the daily challenges the tenacious JWI team encountered included finding the water lines themselves, as many were poorly marked. A de-watering system was installed as part of the Shields Branch Sewer Rerouting Project after contractors had to bore under a railroad track a quarter mile from the Mississippi River. The project incurred expected delays as contracts of this type harbor many surprise challenges. For this reason, JWI had been hired to assist with construction activities and oversight, as our company is known throughout the industry for our diligence, expertise, and close communication.


OwnerIllinois American Water

ClientSheppard, Morgan, & Schwaab (SMS) Engineers

Completion Date2022

MarketSpecialty Markets

Location(s)Alton, Illinois

Project Value$15M