Western Utility Fiber Optic Project CNRR Railroad Right of Way


JWI monitored staff, materials, equipment, and railway safety onsite for Western Utility, LLC contract Fiber Optic Project CN & CSX RR ROW from Lemont to Joliet CNNR. Our team also maintained daily reports regarding progress and conflicts. The inspection was required for all incidental and collateral work necessary to complete the project.

Professional Engineering Services included the following:

  • Reviewed proposed plans
  • Verified the accuracy of fiber locations on the as-built drawings
  • Added to the plan view and schematic drawings based on the construction typicals and documentation
  • Identified fiber conflicts with the roadway and worked alongside the DSEs to revise existing design relocation plans
  • Obtained ROW permits
  • Worked with field staff during construction on-field changes
  • Reviewed as-built drawings based on red lines prepared in the field
  • Created KMZ files documenting all work completed